Got your new tree and are ready to assemble it?

Then you are one of the lucky ones as they aren't generally available, but we are working on it to make it available for next Christmas.

To assemble your kit, just follow the instructions here.


Once you have an assembled tree, it is straight forward to operate it.  Just connect it to power (either a USB battery or plug into any handy USB socket) and it will immediately turn on.  If you want to turn it off, you can remove power or press and hold the pattern button for 3 seconds.  You can press it again to turn the tree back on.

When the tree is running, press the pattern button to manually switch patterns and keep it on that pattern.  If you keep switching through patterns and get back to the Marquis pattern, the tree will then automatically cycle patterns every 30 seconds.  Note that if you double tap on the pattern button, it will quickly jump to the Marquis pattern.

When running on a USB battery, we would expect the tree to last about a day and a half without recharging.  Fortunately many USB batteries allow you to plug in the tree and plug the battery in to charge at the same time.