Creating Patterns

Currently there is no way to load a pattern on the tree, but if you do create a pattern that you like, send us a link to the edited pattern and we will see about including it in an updated tree.  The pattern editor is currently a bit in the crude state, but a quick explanation of it is that patterns are a sequence of tweened states that the tree code cycles through 24 times per second.  So if you wanted an LED to blink at a 1 second interval, you would need to have 24 steps.  For example the Drip pattern lasts for exactly 30 seconds and has 720 steps in it. 

Power On Self Test Pattern

When the tree is first turned on it runs a simple pattern to cycle the colors on all the LEDs so that you can check for assembly errors.  See the POST pattern in the editor.

Power Down Pattern

When the change button is held for 3 seconds it shows a simple pattern indicating that it is about to power down.  See the Power Down pattern in the editor.

Normal Patterns

Once the tree starts, it initially shows the Marquis pattern and then sequences through all the patterns switching approximately every 30 seconds.  The patterns are: