Inserting the LEDs

In order to make the .050 spacing LEDs easier to solder, it is necessary to spread the pins when inserting them into the board.  To do this, there is a little twist and turn approach which we use.   The instructions below should show you how to approach it.  Although it can be difficult to see or feel, there actually is a flat side of the LED which should nominally be oriented toward the top of the board.  Don't worry if you can't find it, the long leg also helps you orient the LED.

Once you have inserted a column of LEDs, you should first make sure that they are all straight (look from the top, the side and along the column) and then solder tack one pin on each.  Then check that they are still straight before soldering the other pins. It helps to look at the LEDs on the board from both sideways and the top to make sure that they are all aligned, the same height and facing straight ahead.

Once you have soldered a column, you should trim them or it may become difficult to solder the next columns of LEDs.LED Insert Comic